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High performance elastic components for the track superstructure.

Getzner’s range of rail Under Sleeper Pads help improve vibration isolation and track stability by reducing stresses and wear on the ballast under the rails.

Placed directly beneath the track sleepers, the pads increase vertical elasticity in the superstructure so the load of the rail cars are evenly distributed over the elastic components in the sub-soil.

They can be installed on light rail (trams), metro rail, freight and heavy lines with high axle loads, as well as existing standard gauge lines during repairs and retrofitting.

Getzner Under Sleeper Pads are installed using an optimised bonding system, with no further additional work required at the installation site. Installation is not affected by weather and can be carried out quickly with minimal interruption to services.

Delkor Rail is a representative of Getzner in Australia.

Design Features

  • Equalises track modulus (stiffness)
  • Reduces track maintenance
  • Increases track access for operations


  • Reduced wear and tear on vital turnout components
  • Prevents irregular track movement within turnouts
  • Reduced maintenance costs