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Delkor Rail supplies an extensive range of rail fixation components and accessories throughout Australia and Asia.


Manufactured to DIN ISO9002/EN29002 standards, and meeting the requirements AS1085.18 and UIC864-1, Delkor Rail's Screwspikes can be tailored to meet the needs of any project.

Available in black steel or galvanised with hex, square and rectangular heads, our range includes:

  • Ss8 Fe6 24Ø x 165mm Screwspike with retained double helical washer
  • Ss8 24Ø x 165mm Screwspike
  • 27Ø x 165mm Screwspike for Switches
  • 22Ø x 150mm Screwspike
  • 24Ø x 145mm ‘S’ Screwspike
  • 24Ø x 180mm ‘R’ Screwspike
  • 24Ø x 190mm ‘C’ Screwspike

Special screwspikes are available on request.


Screwspike Dowels

Available in either HDPE or Nylon, our range includes:

  • HDPE 165mm and 135mm Screwspike Dowels
  • Nylon 90mm Screwspike Dowels


Spring Washers

Delkor Rail provides a wide range of spring washers, including double and triple helical spring washers.

  • Fe6 25Ø Double Helical Spring Washers
  • Fe15 28Ø Double Helical Spring Washers


Other Rail Accessories

  • Screwspike Installation Sockets
  • SGI Rail Clips
  • Standard Rail Pads in HDPE or Rubber
  • Special Turnout Insulation Pads in HDPE or Rubber
  • Concrete Turnout ‘Jewellery’ Kits – all items required to assemble a turnout packed in timber crates