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A turnout track fastening system for special track work on non-ballasted track forms, including turnouts, diamond crossings and expansion switches.

Delkor Rail’s Eggs for Turnouts were developed specifically for the direct fixation of turnouts, crossovers, diamond crossings and expansion switches on ballastless track forms to provide high vibration attenuation. First used in Cologne, Germany in the late 1970’s the core design remains the same today.

The concept was for discrete elastomeric fasteners to which the turnout baseplates can be simply fixed by means of bolts. Turnouts that are designed with bolt down base plates, can be directly fixed to Eggs for Turnouts using the same base plates. A retrofit option is also available where by the Eggs can be matched drilled to the existing turnout baseplates.

The Eggs for Turnouts can be supplied in five standard sizes which have been developed to accommodate a wide range of turnout baseplates.

Eggs for Turnouts

Design Features

  • Vibration and noise attenuation
  • Low static and dynamic stiffness
  • Bonded one-piece unit – no wearing parts
  • Single rubber dampening element
  • Proven fatigue life
  • Easy installation either by Top Down or Bottom Up construction methods


  • High electrical insulation
  • Fail-safe design
  • Maintenance-free long-life performance in excess of 30 years
  • Bolt connection to turnout base plate can be to standard pattern or matched to suit