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A durable and highly resilient rail fastener for high vibration and noise attenuation.

Simple, reliable and maintenance free, the Delkor Egg baseplate has been derived and developed from the original Cologne Egg design hatched in the 1970’s.

The Delkor Egg baseplate helps to reduce structure-borne vibration and noise and is made up of a SGI top plate and base frame that are vulcanised (bonded) together by means of a natural rubber element, which helps achieve a very low static stiffness while still ensuring a high degree of rail stability.

The Egg rail fastener ensures optimum vibration and structure-borne noise reduction by providing six degrees of rail movement provided by the rubber element which supports the top plate holding the rail. Due to the very low dynamic to static stiffness ratio that the Egg provides it achieves a high degree of vibration and secondary noise attenuation.

As the fixation components (screwspikes / threaded rods) only pass through the base frame which is isolated from the top plate by the rubber element, these fixation components are not subject to any loadings which can cause fatigue failures and maintenance issues over a period of time.

Delkor Rail’s range of Egg baseplates are available in a variety of standard sizes and these designs can be customised and adapted to suit your specific fastening system and operational requirements. Download our track products brochure for our full range of Egg baseplates.

Delkor Egg baseplateDelkor Egg baseplate section view

Design Features

  • High vibration and noise attenuation
  • Bonded, one-piece unit: no wearing parts
  • Single, natural rubber dampening element
  • Proven fatigue and service life
  • Easy installation either by Top Down or Bottom Up construction methods
  • High electrical insulation
  • Fail-safe design
  • Maintenance free long design life & performance in excess of 30 years

Technical Data

  • Static Stiffness (Cstat): 6 - 15 kN.mm
  • Material: Metal Parts, SG Iron
  • Lateral Adjustment: Up to +/- 15mm
  • Vertical Adjustment: Up to 25mm (by packers)
  • Rail Clips: 'e' Type, Skl Type, K Clip and others
  • Electrical Insulation: > 1 MOhm
  • Vertical Deflection: Up to 4.5mm
  • Ratio Cdyn, Cstat: < 1.4
  • Tested in Accordance to EN (EN13146, EN13481), DIN and other International Standards