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Limit static and dynamic forces with Under Ballast Mats

Getzner Sylomer and Sylodyn Ballast Mats limit the static and dynamic forces exerted to the track formation by rail traffic. Available in a wide range of types and sizes, Under Ballast Mats suit most track forms from light rail right through to heavy haul.

Under Ballast Mats have a multi-layer structure that consists of a load distribution layer and a resilient layer.

Load Distribution Layer

The top layer of the mats consists of a geotextile or fleece with high stretch and tear resistance. This layer deforms under the load of the ballast. The ballast rocks are embedded and their position is stabilised by the increased contact surface. Forces introduced to the mat are distributed over the full area and transmitted to the underlying resilient layers.

Resilient Layer

The resilient layer consists of micro-cellular polyurethane materials which is volume-compressible meaning that no profiles or cavities are required for shaping. Depending on the mat type the resilient layer is comprised of one or two layers, each with a density specifically selected to yield the desired overall static and dynamic stiffness.

Delkor Rail is a representative of Getzner in Australia.

Design Features

  • Reduction in vibration, secondary, and structure-borne noise
  • Impact protection of bridge and viaduct structures


  • Reduction of ballast depth in tunnels and on bridges/viaducts
  • Reduction of ballast degradation
  • Reduction of ballast maintenance