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Delkor Rail are the only rolling stock supplier to offer a locally based air spring refurbishment program to its Sydney based customers.

Following a refit of our existing warehouse space, Delkor Rail now have a fully customised space to refurbish existing air springs for our customers. In a turnaround of approximately 48 hours, our experienced engineers pressure wash, disassemble and check your air springs for excessive wear and tear, before repairing, testing and re-assembling the unit.

Step 1

Air spring is placed into the parts cleaner for a high pressure clean before being transferred to the disassembly stand.

Step 2

After disassembly the upper plate and lower auxiliary spring are inspected for damage and excessive wear.

Step 3

The new air bellow is placed onto the bead followed by the top plate. The lid of the assembly jig is lowered into place and secured by locking pins.

Step 4

The air spring assembly is inflated to the required pressure. When the test pressure level is reached, the air spring is then held for the required time to see if any leaks occur.

Step 5

The assembly jig lid is raised and the air spring lifted up using the grappling hooks by the jib crane, and checked to ensure engagement of both the upper and lower beads.

Step 6

The refurbished air spring is then placed in a secure transport case ready to send back to the customer.