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Why risk passenger safety or station efficiency?

Keep passengers safe and trains on time with Delkor’s Platform Gap Filler

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Studies have shown that the use of Platform Gap Filler not only improves passenger safety, it can also increase efficiency of entry and exit times. By removing the hesitation of stepping over a gap, passengers become more confident when entering and exiting the train, thus reducing the dwell time of trains at the platform.

Platform Gap Filler also increases the ease of wheelchair access on and off a train. This frees up station staff and enables passengers to disembark from trains independently, without having to wait for access ramps, or potentially need them at all.

What is Platform Gap Filler?

Platform Gap Filler from Delkor Rail is a sturdy, hard-wearing rubber strip that is mounted along the edge of a train platform to reduce the gap between the platform and the entrance of a passenger train; ensuring that when a train has stopped at a platform, passengers are able to enter and exit with safety.

Strategically located along the platform where a train car door opens, Platform Gap Filler can significantly reduce the likelihood of a passenger slipping through the gap between the platform and a train.

Delkor Rail provide a number of Platform Gap Filler solutions which are available in a range of colours, sizes and configurations; all of which can easily be customised to suit your exact requirements.

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The Design Benefits of Platform Gap Filler

Improved passenger safety and reduced potential risk of liability.

The Platform Gap Filler reduces the size of the gap between the train and platform significantly, therefore minimising the risk of injury to passengers, and by extension liability for any accidents that may occur.

Improved access for the mobility impaired (supports up to 300kg)

Ideal for passengers that require wheelchairs and scooters (manual and motorised) for mobility. The gap filler is so sturdy that it can support multiple mobility impaired passengers at once, making it easy for carers to transport groups for days out.


Reduced passenger entry/exit times and train delays

A platform fitted with a gap filler makes it easier for passengers to enter or exit a train, regardless of their level of mobility. The gap filler also eliminates the need for an access ramp, which can take time to set up and clear away, not to mention taking station resources (staff) away from other important duties. All this translates to a faster and more efficient station and service.

Unaffected by cleaning agents

Our rubber filler is unaffected by common station cleaning agents. Designed to last, it can withstand the use of harsh cleaning agents without its structural integrity being compromised and will not inconvenience station staff and their cleaning procedures or processes.

Flexible design

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Available in a range of sizes, colours, mounting applications and material specifications, the Delkor Platform Gap Filler can be designed to suit any station’s needs or aesthetic. By speaking with one of our representatives, we will be able to understand your needs and create a solution to match.

Flexible Material

The rubber fingers of our door gap fillers are designed to prevent damage to rolling stock. With more rigid and inflexible material, severe damage can be caused through the slightest bit of contact. The flexibility of the rubber fingers means there will be less resistance should contact be made, and by extension less damage.

Considered design

When developing our Platform Gap Filler, we took many things into consideration, such as the kind of material it is made from, potential safety risks and where it could be used (indoors or outdoors. That is why we chose to make sure that any material used in the creation of our rubber filler would be non-toxic, fire resistant and UV stabilised. This ensures that our product is extremely safe for passengers and staff, as well as durable in any conditions.

Worldwide Installations

Delkor Rail has worked with a number of large railway operators to install Platform Gap Filler on platforms across the world. In Australia, Delkor Rail designed Platform Gap Filler for a major rail operator to use on various platforms throughout the metro rail systems. This custom-created Platform Gap Filler was developed to overcome the large differences between gap sizes at a number of platforms across different locations.

Internationally, Delkor Rail has completed Platform Gap Filler installation on the MTRC rail network in Hong Kong. In the UK, Delkor Rail worked with Interfleet, developing a pilot project to make rail travel safer for travellers at Heathrow Airport, with custom-designed Platform Gap Fillers installed on all Heathrow Airport Terminal Stations.

If you would like further information on our range of platform gap fillers, or anyone of our many services and products, please feel free to contact us on +61 2 9709 2918, or send us an enquiry via our contact form.