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Image of railway track featuring Delkor Egg product

Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT (Light Rail Transit) which uses Delkor Rail’s rail fasteners, is currently in its testing phase, intending to start services in 2022.

The laying of the track for the new light rail transit was recently completed with a ceremony to put the final rail clip in place. The project which will link East and West Toronto includes 25 new stations, connected by 19 kilometres of track, 10 km of which are underground. For the underground sections, there is a high level of importance placed on noise and vibration once the track is in use.

The project is being delivered by Crosslinx Transit Solutions, a private consortium assembled to finance and build the LRT, on behalf of the owner Metrolinx.

Delkor’s High Resilience Fasteners (HRF), the Egg baseplate, Alt.1 baseplate, and non-bonded baseplate are used throughout the project. Delkor supplied 100,000 rail fasteners in total, of those 36,000 were required for the high compliance underground areas to minimise noise and vibration.

The Delkor Rail Egg Baseplate was chosen for the underground areas of the line because it is designed to deliver high vibration and noise attenuation, making it ideal for underground tracks where vibration and ground-borne noise reduction is required.

Canadian experience

Delkor Rail has been active in Canada since about 2006 supplying products for many projects. The company is currently working on other Canadian rail projects including the Montreal LRT & Ottawa LRT Confederation Line.

For Delkor Rail, Canada is one of its largest overseas markets, and projects have been completed in many Canadian cities including Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

Fast, reliable, and convenient

The new electrically powered LRT provides fast, reliable, and convenient service by carrying passengers in dedicated transit lanes separate from regular traffic.

A new midtown connection between east and west Toronto will be up to 60 per cent faster than previous public transport connections. It will connect many Toronto communities in a city that is expanding and thriving at a fast pace.

The total approved budget for the Crosstown project is CAD$5.4 billion. Up to 5,500 passengers are estimated to travel on the line during peak hours by 2031.

The project forms an important part of The Big Move, a 25-year, CAD$50 billion plan that will transform regional transportation across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Region.

Delkor Egg chosen for underground sections

The Delkor Rail Egg rail fastener was chosen for the underground sections of the Eglinton project because it is a durable and highly resilient rail fastener designed to provide high vibration and noise attenuation. It has been proven to be very affective in this area and has been in track service since the mid 1980’s.

Delkor Alt.1 chosen for above ground

For the above-ground sections of the project, the Delkor Alt.1 baseplate was chosen for its reliability, robustness, and low maintenance operation.  It has in track service history of over 30 years and proven to be virtually maintenance free.

Delkor Rail’s worldwide experience

Delkor Rail is a worldwide supplier of high-quality, resilient bonded rail baseplates, platform gap filler, and rolling stock products, with over 30 years of experience providing technical advice and quality components to the world’s rail construction industry.

Delkor Rail has worked on projects in Australia and all over the world, including the London Underground, Madrid, Barcelona, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and New Zealand.