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Before and after installation of platform gap filler box hill station

Australia has some of the most stringent regulations for access to public transport for passengers with mobility restrictions.

Delkor Rail’s Platform Gap Filler (PGF) has been developed to meet these regulations for mobility restricted passengers to deliver the highest standards in safety, comfort and independence.

The longevity and continuing usability of the Platform Gap Filler in Australia has been well proven in the delivery and ongoing service of the first project completed in 2011 at Box Hill Station in Melbourne.

In 2015, Melbourne Metro identified a major issue with wheelchair access to the train network. Each time a mobility restricted passenger needed to board or disembark the train the driver would need to provide manual assistance. This process set the timetable back 15 minutes each time.

Together with MTM, Delkor developed a wheelchair friendly access ramp incorporating the Delkor Platform Gap Filler which greatly increased the ease of wheelchair access on and off a train, freeing up station staff while also giving back a level of independence to the individual.

Delkor Rail’s Platform Gap Filler is an engineered, hard-wearing rubber profile that is mounted along the edge of a platform where a train car door opens to reduce the gap between the platform and the entrance of a passenger train; ensuring that when a train has stopped at a platform, passengers are able to enter and exit with safety.

Delkor Rail have provided Platform Gap Filler solutions to many projects across the globe, as well as across Australia’s rail networks.

Internationally, Delkor Rail has completed Platform Gap Filler installation on the MTRC rail network in Hong Kong. In the UK, Delkor Rail worked with Interfleet, developing a pilot project to make rail travel safer for travellers at Heathrow Airport, with custom-designed Platform Gap Fillers installed on all Heathrow Airport Terminal Stations.

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