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Delkor egg baseplates Barcelona

Barcelona is a city on the move. While the population growth remains steady, the metropolitan area of Barcelona continues to expand.

The Barcelona Rail metro has twelve lines, 180 stations, more than 140 trains running at peak times on working days and caters for 465 million yearly passengers.

With a major proportion of existing metro traveling underneath the city in tunnels, the excessive vibration was identified as an ongoing issue with certain lines.

In-track trials have been conducted using low profile Delkor Egg baseplates which are designed specifically to deliver high vibration and noise attenuation. Measurements before and after the Delkor Eggs were installed were positive in showing a reduction in vibration levels.

Delkor Rail has been working closely with a local agent in Spain on the current metro expansion projects in Barcelona as well as Madrid.

[1] https://www.tmb.cat/en/about-tmb/transport-tmb/metro-network