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Passenger Fails to Mind the Gap in Perth

Platform Gap FillerPlatform Gap Filler increase safety of passengers getting on and off trains.

Stirling Station, Perth has made worldwide news today for an incident that could have had a dire outcome for the passenger whose leg got caught between the train and the platform. This unfortunately happens at stations all too often, however this incident made world wide news because of the amazing footage of other passengers pushing the carriage away from the platform enough to free his leg and watch the man walk away from the incident.

Delkor Rail works with railway stations worldwide to create safer platforms for passengers with our Platform Gap Filler. Most recently Delkor has been working on a pilot project with Heathrow Airport to increase the safety of passengers travelling to the terminal often with large amounts of luggage.

Studies have shown that the use of platform gap fillers on railway platforms significantly improves passenger safety and also increases efficiency of entry and exit times on the station platform.

Platform Gap Filler is mounted in strips along the edge of platforms to reduce the gap between the platform and the entrance of a passenger train; ensuring that when a train has stopped at a platform, passengers are able to enter and exit with safety.

Strategically located along the platform where a train car door opens, Platform Gap Filler can significantly reduce the likelihood of a passenger slipping through the gap between the platform and a train and also increases efficiency of entry and exit times on the station platform.

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