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London Underground


The London Underground was the world’s first underground rail metro and has been in continuous use since 1863. In its 150 years of service, the Underground has been expanded, updated and upgraded on a constant basis.  While not quite original, the traditional rail track fastening system designs are old and require a lot of maintenance – a costly and time consuming exercise.

Delkor Rail worked in conjunction with London Underground to design a rail track fastening system to replace the traditional forms. The London Underground team were looking for a system that would deal with wheel-rail forces without fatiguing whilst being simple and reliable, with a highly robust rail fastener that would deliver virtually maintenance-free operation.

The Delkor Alt.1 baseplate was selected as the preferred plate, and a new plate was designed to fit the required footprint. The Delkor ALT.1 is a one-piece, highly robust rail fastener consisting of a top plate and base frame, which are vulcanised together by means of a natural rubber boot.

As well as customising the Delkor ALT. 1 to fit the required footprint, Delkor Rail also assisted with an installation methodology. The first installations were at St Pauls Station and Liverpool St. Station on the Central Red Line.

The feedback to date is very positive and now looking at rolling out the system throughout the London tube system.

Design features of the Delkor ALT .1 Rail Fastener System

  • Vibration and noise attenuation
  • Bonded one-piece unit: no wearing parts
  • Single rubber dampening element
  • Proven fatigue life
  • High electrical insulation
  • Fail-safe design
  • Maintenance-free long life performance in excess of 30 years.