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Delkor Rail celebrates launch of Sydney Metro Stage 1

Sydney Metro Stage 1


The grand opening of Stage 1 of the Sydney Metro on May 26, 2019 marked a milestone achievement for large public infrastructure projects in Australia.

As has been the case with many major rail projects in Australia over the last 30 years, Delkor Rail played a critical role in the successful delivery of Stage 1 of Sydney Metro by suppling industry-leading rail fasteners designed to meet critical vibration & noise mitigation requirements of the project.

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Delkor Alt 1 Baseplates Chosen for Evergreen Line Expansion of Vancouver SkyTrain Project

Line expansion of Vancouver SkyTrain project

TransLink Canada opened its first SkyTrain line in 1985. SkyTrain is the oldest and one of the longest automated driverless light rapid rail transit systems in the world.

SkyTrain currently has 53 stations serving three lines: Expo, Millennium, and Canada Line’s. The Expo and Millennium SkyTrain Lines connect downtown Vancouver with the cities of Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. The Canada Line connects downtown Vancouver to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and the city of Richmond.

Opened in December 2016, the Evergreen Line expansion to the Millennium Line is an 11-kilometre extension to the SkyTrain providing more direct connections for residents. Delkor Rail supplied 50,000 Alt 1 Baseplates, which is a proven reliable and highly robust elastic bonded rail fastener.  

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The Original Platform Gap Filler

Installation of Platform Gap FillerBox Hill Station

Australia has some of the most stringent regulations for access to public transport for passengers with mobility restrictions.

Delkor Rail’s Platform Gap Filler (PGF) has been developed to meet these regulations for mobility restricted passengers to deliver the highest standards in safety, comfort and independence.

The longevity and continuing usability of the Platform Gap Filler in Australia has been well proven in the delivery and ongoing service of the first project completed in 2011 at Box Hill Station in Melbourne.

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Positive In-Track Trials Using Delkor Egg Baseplates in Barcelona

Delkor Egg baseplates Barcelona

Barcelona is a city on the move. While the population growth remains steady, the metropolitan area of Barcelona continues to expand.

The Barcelona Rail metro has twelve lines, 180 stations, more than 140 trains running at peak times on working days and caters for 465 million yearly passengers.[1]

With a major proportion of existing metro traveling underneath the city in tunnels, the excessive vibration was identified as an ongoing issue with certain lines.

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Delkor Rail Completes Delivery of Baseplates to Sydney Metro

Delkor Rail Sydney Metro Project

Delkor Rail is pleased to have successfully completed delivery of the resilient rail fasteners Delkor Low Profile Eggs and Delkor Alt.1 baseplates to Sydney Metro for stage 1 of Australia’s largest public transport project. Working closely with Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) the tight project delivery requirements were met without any major issues. A total of 80,000 Eggs and 36,000 Alt.1 baseplate have been delivered.

This ambitious undertaking will see a metro line running all the way from Sydney’s north west to north Sydney, before travelling under Sydney Harbour to the CBD and out to the south west of Sydney. Once complete, Sydney Metro will deliver 31 new metro stations and more than 66 kilometres of new track.

15-kilometres of tunnels are now complete from Bella Vista to Epping, and Stage 2, which commenced early 2018, will see tunnelling from Chatswood to Sydenham, including running under Sydney Harbour and the Sydney CBD.

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Delivery Nears Completion on Rail Track Direct Fixation System for Eglinton Crosstown LRT


Eglinton Crosstown LRT is a new light rail transit currently under construction in Toronto, Canada. Once complete, the line will deliver 25 new stations and stops across 19 kilometres of track, both below and above ground. Crosslinx Transit Solutions are delivering the Eglinton Crosstown line of which the first phase is expected to be completed in 2021.[1]

Part of the challenge for the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT is that over 10 kilometres of the track is underground, so a high level of importance has been placed on noise and vibration once the track is in use.

Delkor Rail has worked closely with Crosslinx for the past two years in the delivery of the required track fixation system for the new Eglinton LRT.

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Delkor Rail Attending 19th Annual Rail Solutions Asia Conference

RSA delkor rail

Delkor Rail is very pleased to once again be attending the annual Rail Solutions Asia (RSA) conference on May 2 – 4 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. First held in Bangkok in 2000 with just 40 exhibitors, the conference has grown to this year have confirmed over 80 exhibitors from around the world.

Delkor are proud to have exhibited at every RSA conference since 2000 and still find the conference of great value both for showcasing products and networking with key regional industry associates.

This year, Delkor Rail will be featuring a range of bonded resilient rail base plates specifically designed for vibration and noise attenuation on ballastless trackforms. Delkor will also feature their Platform Gap Filler product designed to reduce the gap between the station platform and the train improving passenger safety. Delkor Rail’s baseplates and Platform Gap Fillers feature in many major rail projects throughout Asia Pacific and the world.

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Delkor Rail Customised ALT .1 Rail Fastener System for London Underground

Rail Fastener System for London Underground

The London Underground was the world’s first underground rail metro and has been in continuous use since 1863. In its 150 years of service, the Underground has been expanded, updated and upgraded on a constant basis.  While not quite original, the traditional rail track fastening system designs are old and require a lot of maintenance – a costly and time consuming exercise.

Delkor Rail worked in conjunction with London Underground to design a rail track fastening system to replace the traditional forms. The London Underground team were looking for a system that would deal with wheel-rail forces without fatiguing whilst being simple and reliable, with a highly robust rail fastener that would deliver virtually maintenance-free operation.

The Delkor Alt.1 baseplate was selected as the preferred plate, and a new plate was designed to fit the required footprint. The Delkor ALT.1 is a one-piece, highly robust rail fastener consisting of a top plate and base frame, which are vulcanised together by means of a natural rubber boot.

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Delkor Rail Pilots Passenger Safety Project at Heathrow Airport, UK

passenger safety project at Heathrow Airport

Delkor Rail engineers have recently returned from the UK where they developed a pilot project with Heathrow Airport to make rail travel safer for travellers to Heathrow.

The Heathrow Express is the fastest way from central London to Heathrow Airport, with trains departing every 15 minutes and most passengers having luggage with them for their travels. A high occurrence of incidents for travellers getting on and off the Heathrow Express led to the investigation of ways to reduce the gap between the platform and the train.

Terminal 5 was chosen as the site for trial as it was on straight track, could easily be monitored and had a high volume of passengers travelling with luggage.  Delkor Rail then custom designed Platform Gap Fillers in conjunction with Interfleet UK; with the teams working together to develop prototypes and the trial product.

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Passenger Fails to Mind the Gap in Perth

Platform Gap Filler - mind the gap between the train and the platform

Platform Gap Filler increase safety of passengers getting on and off trains.

Stirling Station, Perth has made worldwide news today for an incident that could have had a dire outcome for the passenger whose leg got caught between the train and the platform. This unfortunately happens at stations all too often, however this incident made world wide news because of the amazing footage of other passengers pushing the carriage away from the platform enough to free his leg and watch the man walk away from the incident.

Delkor Rail works with railway stations worldwide to create safer platforms for passengers with our Platform Gap Filler. Most recently Delkor has been working on a pilot project with Heathrow Airport to increase the safety of passengers travelling to the terminal often with large amounts of luggage.

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